Defining a pricing strategy

How we can help you to develop a complete Pricing strategy?

The pricing strategy can not be set in isolation by any one area of your Business. We follow a practical process whereby price points and promotional campaigns are aligned to customer value communications. We identify value creation opporunities by following a comprehensive 3 stage pricing strategy development process:

Stage 1

  • Understand your current process and policies
  • Customer analysis
  • Market assessment
  • Competitor review
  • Transactional analysis - Pricing span, Profitability and Elasticity models.
  • Optimal profitability analysis
  • Organisational review including Leadership alignment and Stakeholder feedback loop
  • Define Business needs

Stage 2

  • Agree optimal pricing process and associated policies
  • Determine core Value proposition
  • Conduct Customer & Market segmentation
  • Agree  list price and discount strategy
  • Align Incentive programs
  • Stakeholder feedback loop
  • Agree Change Management program 

Stage 3

  • Finalise Organisational design
  • Identify KPI reports
  • Monitor Price positioning and relative pricing ladder
  • Measure Price performance
  • Monitor Customer behaviour pre and post strategy implementation