Financial Services

In Financial Services a good pricing strategy alongside a strong value proposition is required for portfolio growth and profitability.

We support our Clients in defining their optimal strategy, developing appropriate pricing structures and delivering sustainable profit improvements.

We enable Fintech start ups and existing Clients to identify business drivers and target ROI through our bespoke financial models.

Within our financial models, we develop the optimal product pricing structure and different scenarios for product uptake, cross-sell and attrition.

In today's low interest rate environment, driving interest margin is more difficult with Customers relatively price sensitive to residential mortgage rates and current accounts delivering minimal net margin.  However there are still opportunities for net margin gains in the unsecured consumer lending space and asset finance segment.

Institutions also have scope to drive product profitability by careful utilisation of Fee income.

We have a 3 step process to optimise Fee income:

  • A lifecycle approach to identifying and implementing fee opportunities
  • A system audit to ensure our client charges what they are entitled to charge
  • The establishment of process controls and waiver policies to stop leakage

This type of pricing program can provide a double digit improvement to your profitability.

The effectiveness of your pricing strategy will be further strengthened by consistent messaging at your key customer contact points;

  • Customer communications,
  • Distribution channels,
  • Customer service,
  • Technology.

A good pricing strategy may not achieve its full potential unless these areas are correctly aligned and managed. We provide key metrics to measure performance in these departments thereby ensuring the right offer goes to the right customer at the right time.